Cavilier BreedLearning to breed puppies has been an adventure. I started with back yard pets – hunting breeds. When I decided to do this on a bit bigger scale, I started with a couple of Yorkshire Terriers puppies. I found I preferred the smaller breeds. We so enjoyed having Yorkies in our home. They have such wonderful personalities – each puppy so uniquely special.Sal Lea Ane

The Designer Breeds was also an interest of mine. Afflicted with allergies, I wanted to raise puppies with hair rather than fur; which would also enable families with the same allergictendencies a chance to bring a pet into their homes. Yes, they do need grooming, but the time you spend grooming your pet is part of the love you and your pet share.

As adult dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Designer Breeds have easy going personalities with puppy like playfulness and their desire to please you will warm your heart.

In my travels, purchasing quality Yorkshire Terrier and Designer Breeds puppies, I came across a breed of dog I had not seen before. I saw my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It was LOVE at first sight! Learning more about the Cavalier, I knew this breed was for me. The two Cavalier’s I brought home have brought us so much joy.

On our 90-acre farm, I have set-up a safe, spacious, and warm loving home for these little treasures. My puppies are raised in our home with tender loving care. Puppies are whelped in our bedroom. They stay in the bedroom for the first few weeks and are slowly introduced into family life.

I bring the puppies and their mama with me to the assisted living center near our home where several adopted Grandmothers spoil the daylights out of them and their mom. Both the puppies and the Grandmothers thoroughly enjoy the visits. This helps the puppies get ready to become a new member of your family.

All my Puppies are up to date with their shots and worming – per vet requirements.¬†Each puppy comes with a written 1-year guarantee between me and the new owner.¬†Before purchasing a puppy, please read our ‘advice‘ section.